Srizon Soft website has a new look!

Srizon Soft website has a new look. We’ve re-designed it recently. The new website focuses directly on the products. At this moment our homepage contains all the products we have to offer. The UI is cleaner than ever so that you can find what you’re looking for faster.


We’ve added only the necessary items in the top menu. They are ‘Products’, ‘Blog’ and ‘Support’. ‘Support’ has a submenu: ‘Contact’.  ‘Products’ and ‘Homepage’ are the same which shows the products. I plan to write some technical blog from now on. Hence the Blog link. Support will take you to our support portal.

Product Tag Selector

We’ve added some tags on top of the products page. Those tags will help you quickly filter and find the product you might be interested in. For example, Click on WordPress if you’re looking for WordPress related products.

You can further filter it down by clicking another tag. For example, while WordPress is selected, click on Facebook. It will show all the WordPress plugins related to Facebook. If you select multiple tag and no match is found. It will de-select the previous tags and load the result for the tag you selected last. We used MixItUp for this.

Product Listing

We have listed the products with a title, a cover image, a short description and some buttons. By clicking the ‘Details’ button or the title, you can go to the page dedicated to that product. If there’s a demo for the product, you’ll find a demo button. Some product has an intro video. For that we’ve also added an intro video button. Clicking the video button will play the video in a LightBox (PopUp).

Product Page

We’ve added everything you need to know about a product in a single page. Well, except demo. That obviously requires a different page. The page starts with a description of the product. If a video is available, a thumbnail for that video is shown on the right column. The right column also has some info points and Buy and Download links.

Below description, We’ve provides some screenshots showing front-end and back-end for that product (where applicable). It also has a feature table. If both free and paid version is available for a product, the feature table compares between those versions. Near the bottom of the page documentation is shown with an accordion type UI. As a result you can expand and view the topic you’re interested in. Finally there is change-log at the bottom of the page.

At the top of the product page you’ll find some buttons. Some of them will take you to a different page. For example: Demo, Review. Most of them will scroll the page to take you to corresponding area. For example clicking Doc button will take you to the doc section of that page.

I hope you find the new site useful along with the products we offer. We’ll be delighted if our products enrich your next beautiful site.