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About Srizon Facebook Album

Srizon Facebook Album is a WordPress Plugin for showing your Facebook Albums into your WordPress website (Click for Demo). You can show individual albums or a group of albums as a gallery. You can also merge multiple albums into one.

Images are not downloaded to your server. It's goes to viewers browser directly from Facebook's Server. As a result you save hosting space and bandwidth and your user gets fast page load. No more hosting your images on your own server. Use the servers of Facebook instead and show them in your site.

Also you don't need to learn some new interface for image upload. You can manage your photos directly on Facebook with the interface you're already familiar with.

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Requires at least php 5 (Supports up to php 7)

A recent version (4.3 or later) of WordPress

Needs allow_url_fopen to be enabled in php.ini (required for making API calls to Facebook Server)

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Important !!

It seems any new app created at requires your website to be https. As a result you might not be able use this plugin for non-https websites. Apps already created supports non-https sites but that might change soon if Facebook decides. So install a ssl certificate to make your site https


Requires at least php 5 (Supports up to php 7)

A recent version (4.3 or later) of WordPress

Needs allow_url_fopen to be enabled in php.ini (required for making API calls to Facebook Server)


Before buying the pro version make sure you've installed and are satisfied with the free version. Also make sure you checked all the demo pages

This purchase will give you lifetime update which you can use on multiple websites without any restriction.

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Already Purchased?

You can Download the pro version from the support system. Just open a support ticket and find the Download Section.

Want the Free Version? Search for 'Srizon' in your WordPress admin plugin install page.

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Free Version

Pro Version

Works with responsive themes
Yes, Fully Responsive
Yes, Fully Responsive
Number of Layouts
7 Layouts for Album, 1 Layout for Gallery
7 Layouts for Album, 1 Layout for Gallery
Automatic Sync
Sync Interval
Default 600 Minutes, Can be changed from Parameter
Licence restrictions
No Restrictions
No Restrictions on time/usage. Can be used on multiple sites for unlimited time
Update Cost
Updates are free!!
Support via WordPress forum
Free support for 1 website per license
Supported Facebook Sources

Public Pages (No authentication required)

Restricted Pages (Autentication and app creation required)

Personal Profile (Autentication and app creation required)

Unsupported Facebook Sources
Groups are not supported (Facebook doesn't allow)
Max images per album
Max 25 per album, 25 album per gallery
Unlimited! Up to 8000 tested (larger albums require more server memory and inbound net speed)

Docs (Click on title to expand)

  • expand_moreexpand_lessInstallation

    Free Version Installation

    1. Go to your WordPress admin and find the plugin install page
    2. Search for srizon to find the plugin
    3. After search result is displayed, click on the install button next to Srizon Facebook Album and activate after installation
    4. Find the admin menu Fb Album and start there

    Pro Version Installation

    1. Disable/Delete free version. Don't worry, existing albums/settings will be remembered.
    2. Go to your WordPress Admin and go the plugin install page
    3. Use the upload option
    4. Use the downloaded .zip installer
    5. After activation you should find a menu 'FB Album Pro'. Click and follow instructions there
  • expand_moreexpand_lessCreating an App on Facebook

    If you want to show albums from a public Facebook Page (not profile) then creating an App might not be required.

    However, if you want to show albums from your profile or a restricted page, you need to create an App on in order to give it proper permission

    Steps for creating an app

    1. Create an app on
    2. On settings -> basic (of your fb app) enter your website domain under app domain
    3. Click on add platform on the bottom of the same page and add a website ... use your web address there
    4. Go to 'App review' menu and make your app public
    5. Go to 'Dashboard' menu, copy and note the App id and Secret. You'll need to provide those in FB Album Common Options page
  • expand_moreexpand_lessUsing the App ID and Secret

    When App creation is complete, Go to your WordPress admin -> FB Album (Pro) menu and save those value on appropriate fields

    After saving those values, you'll be asked to get a token by clicking a button (and logging into Facebook)

    After getting the token, click Save

  • expand_moreexpand_lessHow to get Album ID (for albums)

    1. Visit your Facebook Page or Profile.
    2. Go to Photos->Albums.
    3. Go to an album.
    4. The URL (link) of the album should look like this
    5. The number after a. is the album id. For the link above it's
    6. You may also enter the whole URL (link) as album it. However, it may not work if the URL structure changes.
  • expand_moreexpand_lessHow to get Page ID (for gallery)

    1. If the page URL (link) is
      then the PageID is the
      You'll get this type of URL (link) if you haven't chosen an unique username for your page
    2. If your page URL is
      then the PageID is the


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